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Last update: January 30, 2024

Products management [In progress]

This feature allows a vendor to manage his catalog presented on the marketplace. Products can be uploaded either manually or by import. In this guide, we will provide an overview of manual product management from the Vendor portal and how the catalog, pricing, availability and import are structured and used in Virto Marketplace.

Product data

A vendor can only upload products to the categories assigned to him by a marketplace operator. Thus, when a Vendor creates/uploads a product, it can only be assigned to one category from the list available to him.

Before the offered product is available to the customer on the Marketplace, a vendor must provide all the descriptive data of the product. Such as name, description, code, image(s), additional properties available for the product category a seller chooses for the product. Here a vendor doesn't provide availability and pricing of a product. It can be provided, but as a separate entity called an Offer.

Read more about managing the offers

Once all the product information has been entered, a vendor can save the changes and submit the product for approval by the marketplace operator. Only after the product has been approved and the offer for the product created, it becomes available for purchase by a customer.

Add new product

Click “Products” → “My Products” sub-menu item in the left menu

In the opened list toolbar click “+ Add” button

In the new blade start fill in the fields of the product

Product type - Select if product is Physical or Digital