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Create And Manage Vendors

Add New Vendor

  1. The user opens the Contacts Module->clicks ‘Add’ and selects ‘Vendor’;
  2. The system will open the ‘New Vendor’ screen and the following fields and widgets will be displayed:
    1. ‘Name’ field- required;
    2. ‘Site URL’ field;
    3. ‘Logo URL’ field;
    4. ‘Group name’ field;
    5. ‘Description’ text box;
    6. Widgets:
      1. Addresses;
      2. Emails;
      3. Phones;
    7. ‘Create’ button is disabled by default.
  3. The user fills out the form and clicks the ‘Create’ button;
  4. The system will create the new Vendor and display it on the list of Contacts& Organizations;

Fig. Add New Vendor

Fig. New Vendor

Fig. New Vendor Added

Edit vendor Details

  1. The user selects the Vendor from the Organizations & Contacts list and clicks the ‘Manage’ button;
  2. The system will display the ‘Vendor details’ screen:
    1. All fields and widgets are editable;
    2. Additional widgets appear on Vendor details screen:
      1. Dynamic properties;
      2. SEO;
      3. Indexing.
  3. The user makes the editing and saves the changes;
  4. The system will save the changes and display the updated Vendor details.

Fig. Edit Vendor

Last update: December 7, 2023