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Last update: January 30, 2024

Technology Stack

Virto Commerce is a .NET-based e-commerce platform that promotes SOLID principles and clean code. Its purpose is to facilitate rapid development in building customized solutions for e-commerce businesses.

Virto Commerce uses a set of well known components and libraries:

  • ASP.NET Core 6: A cross-platform high performance open-source framework for building modern cloud-enabled Internet-connected apps.

  • EF Core 6: An object-relational mapper (O/RM) for working with databases using .NET objects.

  • ASP.NET Core Identity: A framework for authentication and managing users, passwords, profile data, roles, claims, tokens, email confirmation, and more.

  • OpenIddict: A versatile solution for implementing an OpenID Connect server and token validation in any ASP.NET Core application.

  • WebPack: Primary design/runtime bundler and minifier.

  • Swashbuckle.AspNetCore tooling for APIs built with ASP.NET Core: Enables generating neat API documentation, including a UI to explore and test operations directly from your routes, controllers, and models.

  • SignalR Core: Used for push notifications based on web sockets.

  • AngularJS: Progressive web framework for building the Platform Manager web application (legacy).

  • HangFire: Used for performing background processing in .NET and .NET Core applications.

  • StackExchange.Redis: A high performance general purpose Redis client for .NET languages.

  • Scriban: A fast, powerful, safe, and lightweight scripting language and engine for .NET, which was primarily developed for text templating with a compatibility mode for parsing liquid templates.


The full list of third-party components used can be found on our GitHub repository.