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Last update: February 12, 2024

Grab Migrator Utility Quickstart

This guide introduces the Grab Migrator utility, which facilitates the extraction and application of EF-migrations from the Virto Commerce platform and its modules.


To execute the Grab Migrator utility, run the following command:

vc-build GrabMigrator --grab-migrator-config <configfile>

Grab Migrations from Platform and Modules

This section outlines the process of extracting EF-migrations from both the platform and its modules:

  1. Checkout platform/modules source codes.
  2. Ensure the dotnet-ef tool is installed. If not, reference to the Installation guide.
  3. Prepare the grab config file as follows:

      "MigrationDirectories": [
      "StatementsDirectory": "Statements"


    Node Description
    MigrationDirectories Directories where tool searches for migrations. Multiple paths can be specified.
    StatementsDirectory There the tool stores grabbed SQL statements. One file per module. Default is 'Statements'.
    Mode 'V2V3' or 'All'. Upgrade platform v2 to v3 scripts or all scripts should be grabbed. Default is 'V2V3'.
  4. Run the tool, wait for the sql files to appear in StatementsDirectory.

  5. Check the config file: the ConnectionStringsRefs node should appear.

Apply Migrations to Different Databases

To apply the extracted migrations to different databases:

  1. Prepare the apply config file with the desired order and settings:

      "ApplyingOrder": [
      "PlatformConfigFile": "D:\\AK\\Code\\Projects\\VC3-DEV-CORE3\\vc-platform\\src\\VirtoCommerce.Platform.Web\\appsettings.json",
      "StatementsDirectory": "Statements",
      "CommandTimeout": 30,
      "Grab": false,
      "Apply": true


    Node Description
    ApplyingOrder The order in which the scripts will be applied.
    PlatformConfigFile Platform config location used to discover connection strings for each module.
    StatementsDirectory Directory containing previously grabbed SQL statements.
    CommandTimeout Command timeout in seconds.
    Grab Switches the tool to grab mode (if true).
    Apply Switches the tool to apply mode (if true).
  2. Copy the ConnectionStringsRefs node from the grab config file to apply config file.

  3. Run the tool to apply the migrations to the databases.