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Last update: January 30, 2024

Configuring Azure Cognitive Search

Virto's VirtoCommerce.AzureSearch module enables integrating Azure Cognitive Search as a search engine.

VirtoCommerce.AzureSearch implements ISearchProvider defined within the VirtoCommerce Search module and uses Azure Cognitive Search Engine, which stores indexed documents


You can configure the Azure Cognitive Search provider using the following schema:

         <!-- The name of the search provider and must be AzureSearch-->
        "Provider": "AzureSearch", 
        <!-- A common name (prefix) of all indexes. 
            Each document type is stored in a separate index. 
            Full index name is scope-{documenttype}. 
            One search service can serve multiple indexes. 
            Optional. Default value is default. -->
        "Scope": "default",
        "AzureSearch": {
        <!--  The name of the search service instance in your Azure account, e.g.: -->
            "SearchServiceName": "",
        <!-- The primary or secondary admin key for this search service. -->
            "AccessKey": "<<key value>>"     


        "Provider": "AzureSearch",
        "Scope": "default",