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Last update: May 8, 2024


The Virto Commerce Lucene Search module implements ISearchProvider defined in the VirtoCommerce Search module and uses Lucene search engine which stores indexed documents in a local file system.

Source code


Configure the Lucene search provider using the following schema:

Node Default or Sample Value Description
Search.Provider "Lucene" Name of the search provider, which must be set to Lucene.
Search.Lucene.Path A virtual or physical path to the root directory where indexed documents are stored.
Search.Scope "default" (Optional) Specifies the common name (prefix) for all indexes. Each document type is stored in a separate index, and the full index name is scope-{documenttype}. This allows one search service to serve multiple indexes.


"Search": {
    "Provider": "Lucene",
    "Scope": "default",
    "Lucene": {
        "Path": "/path/to/lucene/indexes"