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Last update: May 8, 2024


This node of the appsettings.json file configures the modularity logic.

Node Default or sample value Description
IncludePrerelease true
Shows module versions marked
as Prerelease if value is true.
DiscoveryPath "./Modules" Relative or absolute folder location where the platform will discover the installed modules from.
ModulesManifestUrl "" Url to the .json file that contains module manifests.
AuthorizationToken The authorization token to access ModulesManifestUrl, added to the Authorization header, if specified.
AutoInstallModuleBundles "commerce" Group(s) of modules to install automatically during the initial Platform setup.
If you do not need to install anything here, provide an empty array.


  "ExternalModules": {
    "IncludePrerelease": false,
    "ModulesManifestUrl": "",
    "AuthorizationToken": "",
    "AutoInstallModuleBundles": [