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Last update: April 22, 2024


Virto Commerce is a powerful e-commerce solution designed to handle projects of various sizes and complexities. Whether for B2B, B2C, or B2B2C enterprises, marketplaces, or SaaS commerce platforms, Virto Commerce satisfies diverse business needs.

This guide explores its scalability options, ranging from Small to Extra Large configurations. It helps you choose the right Azure services and pricing plans for your specific project needs. Additionally, it explains how to scale solutions built on the Virto Commerce platform and Storefront Kit.

Perfect for simple projects, proof of concepts, etc.


Key elements:

  1. 1x Storefront Instance
  2. 1x Backend Instance

Ready for production environments and scalability, suitable for MVP launches.


Key elements:

  1. Multiple Storefront Instances
  2. Multiple Backend Instances
  3. Redis Cache for Distributed Cache Storage

Perfect for for complex solutions, leveraging modern Azure services and Virto Commerce capabilities.


Key elements:

  1. SQL Database Elastic Pool (Segmented modules across different databases: Cart, Order, Catalog, Customers, etc.)
  2. AzureSearch or Elasticsearch cluster

Perfect to optimize resource utilization and costs by segmenting administrative tasks into functional elements. Minimize performance degradation risks across various processes (e.g., Background Jobs for Storefront and Content Managers).


This environment closely resembles multi-region setups, facilitating high availability and superior performance.


Key Components:

  1. VC backend environment for Storefront App (excludes Background Jobs)
  2. VC backend environment for Content Managers (excludes Background Jobs)
  3. VC backend environment for Background Jobs (emphasis on high CPU utilization)

Sizing Model

This data based on best practices and feedback from multiple custom e-commerce solutions. The actual result can depend on custom implementation, data and configuration.

Size Frontend Requests/sec Cart Changes peak/sec Orders per day
S 10 1 200
M 100 5 1500
L 300 50 15000

For XL size, request a demo.

Azure Price Calculator

–°onfigure and estimate the costs of Azure products with Azure Price Calculator.