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Last update: May 8, 2024


This section explains the basic configuration for the security logic via the appsettings.json file.

Readmore Identity Configuration

Node Default or Sample Value Description
Password Configuration settings related to user password requirements.
Password:RequiredLength 8 The minimum required length for user passwords.
Password:RequireDigit false Indicates whether a digit is required in user passwords.
Password:RequireNonAlphanumeric false Indicates whether a non-alphanumeric character is required in user passwords.
Password:RepeatedResetPasswordTimeLimit "0:01:0" The time span within which a user cannot repeatedly reset their password.
User Configuration settings related to user accounts.
User:MaxPasswordAge 90 The maximum age (in days) a user can keep the same password before being required to change it.
User:RequireUniqueEmail true Indicates whether each user must have a unique email address.
User:RemindPasswordExpiryInDay 7 The number of days before the password expiration date when the system will start reminding users to change their password.
Lockout Configuration settings related to account lockout.
Lockout:DefaultLockoutTimeSpan "0:15:0" The default duration for which an account is locked out after the specified number of unsuccessful login attempts.


"IdentityOptions": {
    "Password": {
      "RequiredLength": 8,
      "RequireDigit": false,
      "RequireNonAlphanumeric": false,
      "RepeatedResetPasswordTimeLimit": "0:01:0"
    "User": {
      "MaxPasswordAge": 90,
      "RequireUniqueEmail": true,
      "RemindPasswordExpiryInDay": 7
    "Lockout": {
      "DefaultLockoutTimeSpan": "0:15:0"