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Last update: February 1, 2024

Setting up Self-signed SSL Certificate

Running Virto Commerce Platform with HTTPS requires using an SSL certificate. When it comes to non-production applications or development and testing scenarios, you can use a self-signed certificate.

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Although such a certificate implements full encryption, the visitors of your website will see a browser warning saying the certificate should not be trusted.

When you first launch the platform with HTTPS enabled at https://localhost:5001, you may also get this warning:

Your Connection Is Not Private screen

This is because it is a locally generated, untrusted SSL certificate.

Locally generated certificate

If this warning appears:

  1. Run dotnet dev-certs https --trust

  2. Click Yes in a popup dialog asking to install this localhost certificate:

    Trust certificate security warning

  3. Close your browser and open it again at https://localhost:5001. The trusted Secure badge appears in your browser (a lock icon):

    Secure connection badge

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