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Last update: February 1, 2024

System Requirements

This sections lists the basic hardware and software requirements to installing the Virto Commerce platform.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

Before installing, make sure your computer meets these minimum requirements:

Parameter Value
Disk space 1GB
Processor speed 2GHz
Number of cores Dual core
Processor type x64-compatible only

Supported Operation Systems for .NET 8

The Virto Platform runs on .NET 8. .NET 8 is a Long Term Support (LTS) release and is supported on multiple operating systems per their lifecycle policy.

For issues with .NET on operating systems not listed here, please open a GitHub issue in the appropriate .NET repository or contact the OS maintainer community .

Readmore List of repositories

OS Version Architectures Lifecycle
Windows 10 Client Version 1607+ x64, x86, Arm64 Windows
Windows 11 Version 22000+ x64, x86, Arm64 Windows
Windows Server 2012+ x64, x86 Windows Server
Windows Server Core 2012+ x64, x86 Windows Server
Nano Server Version 1809+ x64 Windows Server

.NET 8 is supported in the x64 emulator on Windows 11 Arm64.

OS Version Architectures Lifecycle
Alpine Linux 3.17+ x64, Arm64, Arm32 [Alpine][Alpine-lifecycle]
Debian 11+ x64, Arm64, Arm32 [Debian][Debian-lifecycle]
Fedora 37+ x64 [Fedora][Fedora-lifecycle]
openSUSE 15+ x64 [OpenSUSE][OpenSUSE-lifecycle]
Oracle Linux 8+ x64 [Oracle][Oracle-lifecycle]
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8+ x64, Arm64 [Red Hat][RHEL-lifecycle]
SUSE Enterprise Linux (SLES) 12 SP5+ x64 [SUSE][SLES-lifecycle]
Ubuntu 20.04+ x64, Arm64, Arm32 [Ubuntu][Ubuntu-lifecycle]

Other distributions are supported at best effort, per .NET Support and Compatibility for Linux Distributions.

Libc compatibility:

  • glibc 2.23 (from Ubuntu 16.04).
  • Alpine: musl 1.2.2 (from Alpine 3.13).
OS Version Architectures
macOS 10.15+ x64, Arm64

.NET 8 is supported in the Rosetta 2 x64 emulator.

OS Version Architectures
Android API 21+ x64, Arm32, Arm64
OS Version Architectures
iOS 11.0+ Arm64
iOS Simulator 11.0+ x64, Arm64
tvOS 11.0+ Arm64
tvOS Simulator 11.0+ x64, Arm64
MacCatalyst 10.15+, 11.0+ on Arm64 x64, Arm64


The following versions are no longer supported by .NET 8.0.

Supported Databases

The Virto platform supports:

  • MS SQL Server 2019 and higher.
  • MySql Server 5.7 and higher.
  • PostgreSQL 12 and higher.

Readmore Configuring Platform with Database Providers

Supported Browsers

The Virto platform supports:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 and higher.


    Virto Commerce previously supported IE6 and IE7 in versions prior to 3.60, while IE8 was supported in versions prior to 4.10.

  • Mozilla Firefox 2.0 and higher.

  • Google Chrome 1.x.

  • Apple Safari 2.x.