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Last update: January 30, 2024

addItem mutation

This mutation:

  • Validates an item.
  • Adds it to the cart.
  • Recalculates promotion rewards and taxes and applies it to the cart.


The InputAddItemType represents the arguments for the ClearCart operation.

Field Description
cartId {String} The Id of the cart.
storeId {String!} The Id of the store.
cartName {String} The name or description of the cart.
userId {String!} The Id of the user.
currencyCode {String} The currency code for the cart.
cultureName {String} A language to retrieve data in.
cartType {String} The type of the cart.
productId {String!} The Id of the product to add to the cart.
quantity {Int!} The quantity of the product to add to the cart.
price {Decimal} The price of the product.
comment {String} A comment associated with the added item.
dynamicProperties {[InputDynamicPropertyValueType]} The dynamic properties associated with the added item.

Possible returns

Possible return Description
CartType The properties and fields associated with a shopping cart.
mutation addItem($command: InputAddItemType!) {
  addItem(command: $command) {
    items {
      listPrice {
    total {
    discountTotal {
"command": {
  "cartId": "e6a7d5af-6378-44a6-b645-af9ecf702c05",
  "storeId": "B2B-store",
  "cartName": "default",
  "userId": "c50e5237-8a4c-41fe-b878-8e5a72390a08",
  "cartType": "null",
  "productId": "ec235043d51848249e90ef170c371a1c",
  "quantity": 1,
  "currencyCode": "USD",
  "price": 10.85,
  "comment": ""