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Last update: January 30, 2024

SeoInfo object

The SeoInfo represents the SEO information associated with an asset or webpage.


Field Description
id {String} The Id of the SEO information.
name {String} The name associated with the SEO information.
semanticUrl {String} The semantic URL that represents the SEO-friendly URL of the asset.
pageTitle {String} The title of the webpage or asset used for SEO purposes.
metaDescription {String} The meta description of the webpage or asset, providing a concise summary.
imageAltDescription {String} The alt text description for an image asset, used for accessibility purposes.
metaKeywords {String} The meta keywords associated with the webpage or asset for SEO indexing.
storeId {String} The Id of the store.
objectId {String} The Id of the object associated with the SEO information.
objectType {String} The type of the object associated with the SEO information.
isActive {Boolean} Indicates whether the SEO information is currently enabled.
languageCode {String} The language code associated with the SEO information, indicating the intended audience or localization.