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Last update: January 30, 2024

VideoType object

The VideoType represents a video entity with its associated metadata and properties.


Field Description
name{String!} The name of the video.
description{String} The description of the video.
uploadDate{DateTime} The date and time when the video was uploaded.
thumbnailUrl{String} The URL of the thumbnail image associated with the video.
contentUrl{String} The URL of the video file.
embedUrl{String} The embeddable URL of the video, which can be usedto embed the video in webpages or applications.
duration{String} The duration of the video.
cultureName{String} The language associated with the video.
ownerId{String} The Id of the owner of the video.
ownerType{String} The type of the owner of the video.
sortOrder{Int!} The sort order of the video in a list.