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Last update: March 19, 2024

CategoryType object

The CategoryType is used to differentiate or group different types of categories.


Field Description
id String! The Id of the category.
imgSrc String The URL or path to the main image of the category.
code String! The SKU of the category.
name String! The name of the category.
level Int The level in the hierarchy.
priority Int! The priority of the category.
outline String The hierarchical outline.
slug String The URL slug of the category.
path String The full path of the category within the category hierarchy.
seoInfo SeoInfo Request related SEO info.
descriptions(...) CategoryDescriptionType Additional descriptions for the category.
description(...) CategoryDescriptionType The description of the category.
parent Category The parent category of the current category.
hasParent Boolean Indicates whether the category has a parent category.
outlines OutlineType A list of category outlines.
images ImageType The images associated with the category.
breadcrumbs Breadcrumb The breadcrumbs representing the category's position.
properties(...) Property The properties associated with the category.
childCategories Category The child categories of the current category.

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