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Last update: January 30, 2024

CategoryType object

The CategoryType is used to differentiate or group different types of categories.


Field Description
id {String!} The Id of the category.
imgSrc {String} The URL or path to the main image of the category.
code {String!} The SKU of the category.
name {String!} The name of the category.
level {Int} The level in the hierarchy.
priority {Int!} The priority of the category.
outline {String} The hierarchical outline.
slug {String} The URL slug of the category.
path {String} The full path of the category within the category hierarchy.
seoInfo {SeoInfo} Request related SEO info.
descriptions(...) {CategoryDescriptionType} Additional descriptions for the category.
description(...) {CategoryDescriptionType} The description of the category.
parent {Category} The parent category of the current category.
hasParent {Boolean} Indicates whether the category has a parent category.
outlines {OutlineType} A list of category outlines.
images {ImageType} The images associated with the category.
breadcrumbs {Breadcrumb} The breadcrumbs representing the category's position.
properties(...) {Property} The properties associated with the category.
childCategories {Category} The child categories of the current category.

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