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Last update: April 11, 2024

childCategories query

This query allows you to retrieve a list of child categories for a given parent category.


Argument Description
storeId String The Id of the store to retrieve pages from.
userId String The current user Id.
cultureName String A language to retrieve data in.
currencyCode String A standardized code of a specific currency.
categoryId String Filters the child categories based on a specific category Id.
maxLevel Int The maximum depth or level of child categories to retrieve.
onlyActive Boolean Indicates whether only active child categories should be included in the results.
productFilter String Filtering criteria for the products within the child categories.

Possible returns

Possible return Description
ChildCategoriesQueryResponseType A response for a query that retrieves child categories.


    storeId: "B2B-Store"
    cultureName: "en-US"
    currencyCode: "USD"
    maxLevel: 2
    productFilter: "price:(0 TO) instock_quantity:(0 TO)"
  ) {
    childCategories {
  "data": {
    "childCategories": {
    "childCategories": [
        "name": "Bolts",
        "id": "02fe37dcaeb2458a831011abe43fd335",
        "code": "cd931"
        "name": "Snacks",
        "id": "532a6b5a-cf15-461a-836e-71bad60d49a3",
        "code": "de065"
        "name": "Soft Drinks",
        "id": "591e75f2-0954-49b3-90d0-077c270955c4",
        "code": "480dc"
        "name": "Alcoholic drinks",
        "id": "6ef7c5e6-fb2d-4c68-bc45-8186c5d3dd05",
        "code": "6dd6a"
        "name": "Juice",
        "id": "af1347a6-5709-4d7a-bb1a-01d34d3ec5da",
        "code": "2c86c"
        "name": "Kitchen supplies",
        "id": "b674f311-5dbe-42f7-bc30-8076744c59bf",
        "code": "456d3"
        "name": "Coffee and tea",
        "id": "b718cdea-0bcb-4478-910c-f437013e93db",
        "code": "31d7d"
        "name": "Printers",
        "id": "d6019d4d27e44854a58ebbd5428b873b",
        "code": "b76cb"