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Last update: January 30, 2024

childCategories query

This query allows you to retrieve a list of child categories for a given parent category.


Argument Description
storeId {String} The Id of the store to retrieve pages from.
userId {String} The current user Id.
cultureName {String} A language to retrieve data in.
currencyCode {String} A standardized code of a specific currency.
categoryId {String} Filters the child categories based on a specific category Id.
maxLevel {Int} The maximum depth or level of child categories to retrieve.
onlyActive {Boolean} Indicates whether only active child categories should be included in the results.
productFilter {String} Filtering criteria for the products within the child categories.

Possible returns

Possible return Description
ChildCategoriesQueryResponseType A response for a query that retrieves child categories.


    storeId: "B2B-Store"
    cultureName: "en-US"
    currencyCode: "USD"
    maxLevel: 2
    productFilter: "price:(0 TO) instock_quantity:(0 TO)"
  ) {
    childCategories {
  "data": {
    "childCategories": {
    "childCategories": [
        "name": "Bolts",
        "id": "02fe37dcaeb2458a831011abe43fd335",
        "code": "cd931"
        "name": "Snacks",
        "id": "532a6b5a-cf15-461a-836e-71bad60d49a3",
        "code": "de065"
        "name": "Soft Drinks",
        "id": "591e75f2-0954-49b3-90d0-077c270955c4",
        "code": "480dc"
        "name": "Alcoholic drinks",
        "id": "6ef7c5e6-fb2d-4c68-bc45-8186c5d3dd05",
        "code": "6dd6a"
        "name": "Juice",
        "id": "af1347a6-5709-4d7a-bb1a-01d34d3ec5da",
        "code": "2c86c"
        "name": "Kitchen supplies",
        "id": "b674f311-5dbe-42f7-bc30-8076744c59bf",
        "code": "456d3"
        "name": "Coffee and tea",
        "id": "b718cdea-0bcb-4478-910c-f437013e93db",
        "code": "31d7d"
        "name": "Printers",
        "id": "d6019d4d27e44854a58ebbd5428b873b",
        "code": "b76cb"