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Last update: January 30, 2024

InitizalizePaymentResultType object

The InitializePaymentResultType is a type that represents the result of initializing a payment.


Field Description
isSuccess {Boolean!} Indicates whether the payment initialization process was successful.
errorMessage {String} The error message describing the cause of the error.
storeId {String} The Id of the store associated with the payment.
paymentId {String} The Id of the payment for which the initialization was performed.
orderId {String} The Id of the order associated with the payment.
orderNumber {String} The order number associated with the payment.
paymentMethodCode {String} The code representing the payment method used for the payment.
paymentActionType {String} The type of payment action performed during the initialization process.
actionRedirectUrl {String} The URL to redirect the user after the payment initialization process.
actionHtmlForm {String} An HTML form that can be used to submit payment data to an external payment gateway.
publicParameters {[KeyValueType]} Additional public parameters that may be needed for the payment process.