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Last update: April 11, 2024

InitizalizePaymentResultType object

The InitializePaymentResultType is a type that represents the result of initializing a payment.


Field Description
isSuccess Boolean! Indicates whether the payment initialization process was successful.
errorMessage String The error message describing the cause of the error.
storeId String The Id of the store associated with the payment.
paymentId String The Id of the payment for which the initialization was performed.
orderId String The Id of the order associated with the payment.
orderNumber String The order number associated with the payment.
paymentMethodCode String The code representing the payment method used for the payment.
paymentActionType String The type of payment action performed during the initialization process.
actionRedirectUrl String The URL to redirect the user after the payment initialization process.
actionHtmlForm String An HTML form that can be used to submit payment data to an external payment gateway.
publicParameters [KeyValueType] Additional public parameters that may be needed for the payment process.