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Last update: January 30, 2024

InputOrderAddressType object

The InputOrderAddressType is a type that represents the input object for creating or updating an order address.


Field Description
id {String} The Id for the address.
city {OptionalString} The city of the address.
countryCode {OptionalString} The country code of the address.
countryName {OptionalString} The country name of the address.
email {OptionalString} The email address associated with the address.
firstName {OptionalString} The first name of the recipient.
key {OptionalString} The key that can be used categorize the address.
lastName {OptionalString} The last name of the recipient.
line1 {OptionalString} The first line of the address.
line2 {OptionalString} The second line of the address.
middleName {OptionalString} The middle name of the recipient.
name {OptionalString} The full name for the address.
organization {OptionalString} The organization name associated with the address.
phone {OptionalString} The phone number associated with the address.
postalCode {OptionalString} The postal code of the address.
regionId {OptionalString} The Id of the region associated with the address.
regionName {OptionalString} The region name associated with the address.
zip {OptionalString} The ZIP code of the address.
outerId {OptionalString} The external Id for the address.
addressType {Int} The type of address.