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Last update: January 30, 2024

InputOrderPaymentType object

The InputOrderPaymentType is a type that represents the input object for creating or updating an order payment.


Field Description
id {OptionalString} The Id for the payment.
outerId {OptionalString} The external Id for the payment.
paymentGatewayCode {OptionalString} The code that represents the payment gateway used for the payment.
currency {OptionalString} The currency code for the payment amount.
price {OptionalDecimal} The price associated with the payment.
amount {OptionalDecimal} The amount of money to be paid.
vendorId {OptionalString} The Id of the vendor associated with the payment.
comment {OptionalString} The comment about the payment.
billingAddress {InputOrderAddressType} The billing address associated with the payment.
dynamicProperties {[InputDynamicPropertyValueType]} The dynamic property value types.