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Last update: April 11, 2024

PaymentTransactionType object

The PaymentTransactionType represents a specific transaction attempt associated with a payment.


Field Description
id String! The Id of the payment transaction.
isProcessed Boolean Indicates whether the payment transaction has been processed.
processedDate DateTime The date and time when the payment transaction was processed.
processError String An optional description of any error that occurred during the payment transaction processing.
processAttemptCount Int! The number of attempts made to process the payment transaction.
requestData String The data associated with the payment transaction request.
responseData String The data associated with the payment transaction response.
responseCode String The response code received from the payment gateway during transaction processing.
gatewayIpAddress String The IP address of the payment gateway used during the transaction processing.
type String! The type of the payment transaction.
status String! The status of the payment transaction, indicating its current state, such as "Completed" or "Pending".
note String! An optional note or comment related to the payment transaction.
amount MoneyType The amount associated with the payment transaction.