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Last update: April 11, 2024

createContact mutation

This mutation creates a contact.


The InputCreateContactType! represents the input object for creating a contact.

Field Description
id String! The Id of the contact.
outerId String The external Id of the contact.
memberType String! The type of the contact.
name String The name of the contact.
status String The status of the contact.
phones [String]! The phone numbers associated with the contact.
emails [String]! The email addresses associated with the contact.
groups [String]! The groups to which the contact belongs.
seoObjectType String! The type of object that the contact is associated with.
seoInfo(...) SeoInfo SEO information related to the contact.
defaultBillingAddress MemberAddressType The default billing address of the contact.
defaultShippingAddress MemberAddressType The default shipping address of the contact.
addresses(...) MemberAddressConnection A connection to a list of addresses associated with the contact.
dynamicProperties(...) DynamicPropertyValueType Dynamic properties of the contact.
firstName String! The first name of the contact.
lastName String! The last name of the contact.
middleName String The middle name of the contact.
fullName String! The full name of the contact.
about String! Information about the contact.
birthDate Date The birth date of the contact.
securityAccounts UserType Security accounts associated with the contact.
organizationId String The Id of the organization associated with the contact.
organizationsIds [String]! The Ids of the organizations associated with the contact.
organizations(...) OrganizationConnection A connection to a list of organizations associated with the contact.

Possible returns

Possible return Description
ContactType A contact and various fields to describe the contact's information.
mutation createContact($command: InputCreateContactType!) {
  createContact(command: $command) {
  "command": {
    "name": "UserA",
    "memberType": "Contact",
    "addresses": [],
    "fullName": "UserA",
    "firstName": "UserA",
    "lastName": "UserA"