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Last update: January 30, 2024

inviteUser mutation

This mutation allows to invite users.


The InputInviteUserType! represents the input for inviting users.

Field Description
storeId {String!} The Id of the store for which the user is being invited.
organizationId {String} The Id of the organization to which the invited user will be associated.
urlSuffix {String} The URL suffix to be appended to the invitation URL.
emails [{String!}] An array of email addresses of the users to be invited.
message {String} A message to include in the invitation email.
roleIds [{String!}] An array of role Ids to assign to the invited users.
customerOrderId {String} The customer order Id to be associated with this user.
It is added to the invite url link in the notification​.

Possible returns

Possible return Description
CustomIdentityResultType The outcome of identity-related operations.
mutation inviteUSer ($command: InputInviteUserType!){
  "command": {
    "storeId": "Electronics",
    "organizationId": "72c4d52a-9504-4704-8009-6335f68ad092" ,
      "[email protected]",
      "[email protected]"