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Last update: April 11, 2024

inviteUser mutation

This mutation allows to invite users.


The InputInviteUserType! represents the input for inviting users.

Field Description
storeId String! The Id of the store for which the user is being invited.
organizationId String The Id of the organization to which the invited user will be associated.
urlSuffix String The URL suffix to be appended to the invitation URL.
emails [ String! ] An array of email addresses of the users to be invited.
message String A message to include in the invitation email.
roleIds [ String! ] An array of role Ids to assign to the invited users.
customerOrderId String The customer order Id to be associated with this user.
It is added to the invite url link in the notification​.

Possible returns

Possible return Description
CustomIdentityResultType The outcome of identity-related operations.
mutation inviteUSer ($command: InputInviteUserType!){
  "command": {
    "storeId": "Electronics",
    "organizationId": "72c4d52a-9504-4704-8009-6335f68ad092" ,
      "[email protected]",
      "[email protected]"