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Last update: January 30, 2024

InputUpdateApplicationUserType object

The InputUpdateApplicationUserType represents the input for updating an application user.


Field Description
accessFailedCount {Int} The number of failed access attempts for the user.
email {String!} The updated email address of the user.
id {String!} The Id of the user to be updated.
lockoutEnabled {Boolean} Indicates whether the user can be locked out.
lockoutEnd {DateTime} The date and time when the user lockout ends.
memberId {String} The Id of the associated member.
phoneNumber {String} The updated phone number of the user.
phoneNumberConfirmed {Boolean} Indicates whether the user's phone number has been confirmed.
photoUrl {String} The updated photo URL of the user.
roles {[InputAssignRoleType]} The roles assigned to the user.
storeId {String} The Id of the store associated with the user.
twoFactorEnabled {Boolean} Indicates whether two-factor authentication is enabled.
userName {String!} The updated username of the user.
userType {String!} The updated user type of the user.
passwordHash {String} The hashed password of the user.
securityStamp {String!} The security stamp of the user.