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Last update: April 11, 2024

InputUpdateApplicationUserType object

The InputUpdateApplicationUserType represents the input for updating an application user.


Field Description
accessFailedCount Int The number of failed access attempts for the user.
email String! The updated email address of the user.
id String! The Id of the user to be updated.
lockoutEnabled Boolean Indicates whether the user can be locked out.
lockoutEnd DateTime The date and time when the user lockout ends.
memberId String The Id of the associated member.
phoneNumber String The updated phone number of the user.
phoneNumberConfirmed Boolean Indicates whether the user's phone number has been confirmed.
photoUrl String The updated photo URL of the user.
roles [InputAssignRoleType] The roles assigned to the user.
storeId String The Id of the store associated with the user.
twoFactorEnabled Boolean Indicates whether two-factor authentication is enabled.
userName String! The updated username of the user.
userType String! The updated user type of the user.
passwordHash String The hashed password of the user.
securityStamp String! The security stamp of the user.