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Last update: January 30, 2024

MemberType object

The MemberType represents a member entity.


Field Description
id {String!} The Id of the member.
outerId {String} The external Id of the member.
memberType {String!} The type of the member.
name {String} The name of the member.
status {String} The current status of the member.
phones {String!} An array of phone numbers associated with the member.
emails {String!} An array of email addresses associated with the member.
groups {String!} An array of group names that the member belongs to.
seoObjectType {String} The SEO object type associated with the member.
seoInfo(...) {SeoInfo} Request-related SEO-info.
defaultBillingAddress {MemberAddressType} The default billing address for the member.
defaultShippingAddress {MemberAddressType} The default shipping address for the member.
addresses(...) {MemberAddressConnection} A connection to retrieve the addresses associated with the member.
dynamicProperties(...) {DynamicPropertyValueType!} An array of dynamic properties associated with the member.