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Last update: April 11, 2024

MemberType object

The MemberType represents a member entity.


Field Description
id String! The Id of the member.
outerId String The external Id of the member.
memberType String! The type of the member.
name String The name of the member.
status String The current status of the member.
phones String! An array of phone numbers associated with the member.
emails String! An array of email addresses associated with the member.
groups String! An array of group names that the member belongs to.
seoObjectType String The SEO object type associated with the member.
seoInfo(...) SeoInfo Request-related SEO-info.
defaultBillingAddress MemberAddressType The default billing address for the member.
defaultShippingAddress MemberAddressType The default shipping address for the member.
addresses(...) MemberAddressConnection A connection to retrieve the addresses associated with the member.
dynamicProperties(...) DynamicPropertyValueType! An array of dynamic properties associated with the member.