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Last update: April 11, 2024

QuoteItemType object

The QuoteItemType is an object that provides information about a specific item within a quote.


Field Description
id String! The Id of the quote item.
sku String! The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) of the item.
productId String! The Id of the associated product.
catalogId String! The Id of the catalog to which the item belongs.
categoryId String The Id of the category to which the item belongs.
name String! The name or title of the item.
comment String A comment about the item.
imageUrl String The URL of an image representing the item.
taxType String The type of tax associated with the item.
listPrice MoneyType The list price of the item.
salePrice MoneyType The sale price of the item.
selectedTierPrice QuoteTierPriceType The selected tier price for the item.
proposalPrices [QuoteTierPriceType] A list of proposal prices for the item.
product Product Information about the associated product.