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Last update: January 30, 2024

QuoteItemType object

The QuoteItemType is an object that provides information about a specific item within a quote.


Field Description
id {String!} The Id of the quote item.
sku {String!} The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) of the item.
productId {String!} The Id of the associated product.
catalogId {String!} The Id of the catalog to which the item belongs.
categoryId {String} The Id of the category to which the item belongs.
name {String!} The name or title of the item.
comment {String} A comment about the item.
imageUrl {String} The URL of an image representing the item.
taxType {String} The type of tax associated with the item.
listPrice {MoneyType} The list price of the item.
salePrice {MoneyType} The sale price of the item.
selectedTierPrice {QuoteTierPriceType} The selected tier price for the item.
proposalPrices {[QuoteTierPriceType]} A list of proposal prices for the item.
product {Product} Information about the associated product.