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Last update: January 30, 2024

QuoteType object

The QuoteType contains various fields or attributes that provide information about the order.


Field Description
cancelledDate {DateTime} The date when the order was canceled.
cancelReason {String} The reason for canceling the order.
channelId {String} The Id for the channel through which the order was placed.
comment {String} Any additional comments or notes related to the order.
coupon {String} The coupon associated with the order.
customerId {String} The Id for the customer who placed the order.
customerName {String} The name of the customer who placed the order.
createdBy {String} The user responsible for creating the order.
createdDate {DateTime!} The date and time when the order was created.
employeeId {String} The Id of the employee associated with the order.
employeeName {String} The name of the employee linked to the order.
enableNotification {Boolean!} A flag indicating whether notifications related to the order are enabled.
expirationDate {DateTime} The date when the order or related elements will expire.
id {String!} The Id for the order.
innerComment {String} Internal comments or notes related to the order.
isAnonymous {Boolean!} A flag indicating whether the order is anonymous.
isCancelled {Boolean!} A flag indicating whether the order has been canceled.
isLocked {Boolean!} A flag indicating whether the order is locked.
languageCode {String} The language code associated with the order.
modifiedBy {String} The user who last modified the order.
modifiedDate {DateTime} The date and time when the order was last modified.
number {String!} The unique order number.
objectType {String} The type of object the order represents within the system.
organizationId {String} The Id of the organization associated with the order.
organizationName {String} The name of the organization linked to the order.
reminderDate {DateTime} The date when a reminder associated with the order is set to trigger.
status {String} The status of the order.
storeId {String!} The Id for the store where the order was placed.
tag {String} A tag or label associated with the order.
currency {CurrencyType} The currency used for financial transactions within the order.
manualRelDiscountAmount {MoneyType} The manually applied relative discount amount.
manualShippingTotal {MoneyType} The manually calculated shipping total for the order.
manualSubTotal {MoneyType} The manually calculated subtotal for the order.
totals {QuoteTotalsType} A structured set of data representing various order totals.
items {[QuoteItemType]} An array of items comprising the order.
addresses {[QuoteAddressType]} An array of addresses associated with the order.
attachments {[QuoteAttachmentType]} An array of attachments or documents linked to the order.
shipmentMethod {QuoteShipmentMethodType} The selected method for shipping items in the order.
taxDetails {[QuoteTaxDetailType]} An array of tax details associated with the order.
dynamicProperties(...) {[DynamicPropertyValueType]} An array of dynamic properties that can be associated with the order.