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Last update: February 1, 2024


Explore this list of useful hints and tips to follow when installing and updating our releases:

  1. On a local machine, we recommend creating a new clean folder for each stable update. This helps to avoid unexpected behaviour in the cloud when CI is rebuilding a platform image from scratch.

  2. Keep vc-package.json under source control, e.g. in GitHub, Azure DevOps, etc. It helps to have a history of changes.

  3. Create a vc-package.json boilerplate with the latest version number of the platform by running vc-build init.

  4. You can customise the location of the vc-package.json' file by using the-PackageManifestPath ./somedir/somename.json' command argument, e.g: `vc-build install -PackageManifestPath /path/package.json'.

  5. Virto Commerce CLI prevents appsettings.json from being modified during the upgrade.

  6. You can find the preview version of the modules in our pull requests and modules_v3.json on github.

  7. Check out all the Virto Commerce CLI Features.