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Last update: February 12, 2024

Custom component

The custom component allows you to add any component to your Dynamic View blade. It can be a custom Vue component or a third-party component in your custom wrapper.


Include the vc-custom component in your Vue application:

    id: "customComponentId",
    component: "vc-custom",
    name: "CustomComponentName"


Component that you want to use should be globally registered in your application.

Component creation

The custom component, by default, includes the incoming prop context, containing the blade context. This context holds the item object, which contains data about the current item displayed in the blade, along with other data useful for the custom component.

The default Props:

const props = defineProps<{
    context: UseList | UseDetails;

context uses UseList or UseDetails generic types, which are defined in the @vc-shell/framework package.


More info about UseList generic type can be found here and about UseDetails generic type here.

Custom component API

Dynamic Views

To dynamically integrate the vc-custom component into your views, use the schema interface:

interface CustomComponentSchema {
    id: string;
    component: "vc-custom";
    name: string;
    visibility?: {
        method: string;

To incorporate the checkbox into your dynamic applications, define the following properties:

Property Description
id {string} The unique Id for vc-checkbox component.
component {string} vc-checkbox
name {string} Name of the component to show as custom component. Should be globally registered in your application.
visibility {{method: string}} Visibility state for component, could be used to hide checkbox based on some conditions. Method or variable should be defined in the blade scope and should return a boolean value.