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Last update: February 12, 2024

Data field

Data field is used to display a field label and some static data. It can be used to display text, date, date-ago and links. It also has ability to copy displayed value.


Include the vc-field component in your Vue application, providing theming and enhanced functionality to your data field inputs.


Create a basic data field as follows:

    <vc-field :modelValue="fieldProperty" label="Field label" copyable></vc-field>

To start using all the available data field properties, specify the vc-field component when creating the schema. For example:

    id: "fieldId",
    component: "vc-field",
    label: "Field label",
    property: "fieldProperty",
    type: "text",
    copyable: true

Field API

API empowers you to create dynamic and interactive data field components to customize its appearance and behavior.

Basic Vue

You can easily incorporate the vc-field component into your Vue applications using simple templates.


To customize the appearance and behavior of your data field, use the following props:

Property and Type Description
label? {string} Field label.
tooltip? {string} Field tooltip information.
type? {"text"}, {"normal"}, {"date"}, {"date-ago"}, {"link"} Field type. Default: text
modelValue? {any} Field content.
copyable? {boolean} Add button for field content copying.

Dynamic Views

To dynamically integrate the vc-field component into your views, use the schema interface:

interface FieldSchema {
    id: string;
    component: "vc-field";
    label?: string;
    tooltip?: string;
    property: string;
    variant?: "date-ago" | "date" | "link" | "text" | "email";
    copyable?: boolean;
    visibility?: {
        method: string;
    horizontalSeparator?: boolean;
    orientation?: "horizontal" | "vertical";
    aspectRatio?: [number, number];

To incorporate the data field into your dynamic applications, define the following properties:

Property and Type Description
id {string} The unique Id for the vc-field component.
component {vc-field} Component used in schema.
label {string} Label for the field. Also available interpolation {} syntax based on current element context. You can specify the localization key for the label. Under the hood, vue-i18n is used.
tooltip {string} Tooltip text for the field label. You can specify the localization key for the tooltip. Under the hood, vue-i18n is used.
property {string} Property name that is used for binding field value to blade data.
Supports deep nested properties like property[1].myProperty.
Additionally, you have the flexibility to bind computed property that returns a value. Computed property should be defined in the blade scope.
variant {string} Field variant. Default: text
copyable {boolean} Specification whether the field is copyable or not.
visibility {{method: string}} Visibility state for component, could be used to hide field based on some conditions. Method or variable should be defined in the blade scope and should return a boolean value.
horizontalSeparator {boolean} Adds a horizontal separator line after the component.
orientation {"horizontal"}, {"vertical"} Field orientation. Default: vertical
aspectRatio {[number, number]} Field columns aspect ratio. Uses CSS flex-grow property under the hood. Default: [1,1].