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Last update: February 12, 2024


The status component is used to display a status badge with customizable view and icon as well as its size, title, and badge content text.


Include the vc-status component in your Vue application, providing theming and enhanced functionality to your status inputs.


Create a basic status as follows:

    <vc-status variant="danger" :outline="false">Status text</vc-status>

To start using all the available status properties, specify the vc-status component when creating the schema. For example:

    id: "statusId",
    component: "vc-status",
    variant: "danger",
    content: {
        method: "statusText",

Status API

API empowers you to create dynamic and interactive status components to customize its appearance and behavior.

Basic Vue

You can easily incorporate the vc-status component into your Vue applications using simple templates.


To customize the appearance and behavior of statuses, use the following props:

Property and Type Description
variant {"info"}, {"warning"}, {"danger"}, {"success"}, {"light-danger"} Status variant.
outline {boolean} Whether the status is outlined or not.
extend {boolean} Whether the status is extendable or not.


To enhance the content of the vc-status component, use the slot system:

Name Description
default Status content slot.

Dynamic Views

To dynamically integrate the vc-status component into your views, use the schema interface:

interface StatusSchema {
    id: string;
    component: "vc-status";
    variant: "info" | "warning" | "danger" | "success" | "light-danger";
    icon?: string;
    iconVariant?: "warning" | "danger" | "success";
    iconSize?: "xs" | "s" | "m" | "l" | "xl" | "xxl" | "xxxl";
    title?: string;
    outline?: boolean;
    extend?: boolean;
    content?: {
        method: string;
    visibility?: {
        method: string;
    horizontalSeparator?: boolean;

To incorporate the status into your dynamic applications, define the following properties:

Property Description
id {string} Identifier for the vc-status component.
component {vc-status} Utilized component in the schema.
variant {string} Type of status variant.
icon {string} Icon featured in the status badge, utilizing AwesomeIcons package.
iconVariant {string} Variant of the displayed icon.
iconSize {string} Size of the icon.
title {string} Title associated with the status. You can specify the localization key for the title. Under the hood, vue-i18n is used.
outline {boolean} Specification of whether the status is outlined.
extend {boolean} This setting allows to create status with header and content text. See the example below.
content {{method: string}} Method for retrieving the status content. Method should be defined in the blade scope and should return a string value.
visibility {{method: string}} State of visibility for the component, allowing you to hide the status based on certain conditions. The method or variable should be defined in the blade scope and should return a boolean value.
horizontalSeparator {boolean} Adds a horizontal separator line after the component.


Status example with extend setting set to true:

Status example

    id: "declineStatus",
    component: "vc-status",
    outline: false,
    extend: true,
    variant: "light-danger",
    icon: "fas fa-exclamation-circle",
    iconSize: "xxl",
    title: "Decline reason",
    iconVariant: "danger",
    content: {
        method: "statusText",