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Last update: April 30, 2024

API Reference

The VcBlade API reference provides detailed information about the props, events, and slots available for the VcBlade component. The following sections outline the different aspects of the VcBlade API:

VcBlade Component


Prop Default Description
icon {String} undefined Font Awesome icon to display in the blade header.
title {String} undefined Title to display in the blade header.
subtitle {String} undefined Subtitle to display in the blade header.
width {Number} {String} "30%" The minimum width of the blade in pixels or as a percentage.
expanded {Boolean} true Handled by the VcVladeNavigation component, the state depends
on the number of active blades. You can watch this value
to perform actions, such as changing the table layout when two blades are active.
expandable {String} true Activates the ability to expand and collapse the component by default.
closable {String} true Determines whether the blade has a close button.
toolbarItems {IBladeToolbar[]} () => [] An array of items to be displayed in the toolbar


Event Description
close Close blade event.
expand Expand blade event.
collapse Collapse blade event.


Slot Description
default Blade content.
action Any component or data to display in blade header.

useBladeNavigation Composable


Name Description
blades {ComputedRef} An array containing active blade components.
currentBladeNavigationData {==ComputedRef<{
onOpen?: (() => void) undefined;
onClose?: (() => void) undefined;
onBeforeClose?: (() => Promise<boolean undefined>)
instance: Ref<CoreBladeExposed null
idx: number;
}>==} An object containing the current blade navigation data.



Opens a blade with the specified configuration.

  • Type

    **openBlade**:( { blade, param, options, onOpen, onClose }: IBladeEvent, isWorkspace?: boolean ) => Promise```

  • Parameters

    Name Description
    blade {BladeConstructor} Blade component.
    options (optional) {ExtractedBladeOptions} Key-value pairs with blade options, extracted from the component.
    param (optional) {String} String with blade parameter.
    onOpen (optional) {() => void} Method called when the blade is opened.
    onClose (optional) {() => void} Method called when the blade is closed.
  • Returns: Promise


Closes an opened blade or all opened blades.

  • Type

    **closeBlade**:(index: number) => Promise```

  • Parameters

    Name Description
    index {Number} Id of the opened blade.
  • Returns: Promise<boolean>


Allows you to perform actions before closing a blade. If the method returns false, the blade will not be closed.

  • Type

    **onBeforeClose**:(callback: () => Promise) => void```

  • Parameters

    Name Description
    callback {==() => Promise<boolean undefined>==}
  • Returns: void


Calls any function on the parent blade, if it has been exposed there.

  • Type

    onParentCall: (parentExposedMethods: Record<string, any>, args: IParentCallArgs) => void

  • Parameters

    Name Description
    parentExposedMethods {Record} Object containing the parent blade's exposed methods.
    args {IParentCallArgs} Object containing the method name, arguments, and an optional callback.
  • Returns: void


Resolves and generates routes after page reload or accessing via direct link. Used only in Vue router configuration:

const routes = [
    path: "/:pathMatch(.*)*",
    component: App,
    beforeEnter: async (to) => {
      const { routeResolver } = useBladeNavigation();
      return routeResolver(to);
  • Type:

    routeResolver: (to: RouteLocationNormalized) => Promise<{ name: RouteRecordName | undefined; params: RouteParams; } | undefined> | undefined

  • Parameters

    Name Description
    to {RouteLocationNormalized} Vue router's route record
  • Returns: Promise<{ name: RouteRecordName | undefined; params: RouteParams; } | undefined> | undefined


Allows you to resolve a blade component using its registered name. Supports both runtime and regular blade components.

  • Type:

    resolveBladeByName: (name: string) => BladeInstanceConstructor

  • Parameters

    Name Description
    name {String} Blade component name or ID in dynamic views
  • Returns: BladeInstanceConstructor


Returns the URL query for selected blade.

  • Type:

    getNavigationQuery: () => Record<string, string | number> | undefined

  • Returns: Record<string, string | number> | undefined


Sets the URL query for selected blade.

  • Type:

    setNavigationQuery: (query: Record<string, string | number>) => void

  • Returns: void


The notification method is used to display toast notifications.

Method signatures are as follows:

  • notification(content: string, options?: NotificationOptions): string | number;
  • error(content: string, options?: NotificationOptions): string | number;
  • warning(content: string, options?: NotificationOptions): string | number;
  • success(content: string, options?: NotificationOptions): string | number;
  • clearAll(): void;
  • remove(notificationId?: number | string): void;
  • update(notificationId: string | number, options: NotificationOptions): void;

NotificationOptions Interface

Property Description
limit {Number} Limit the number of toasts displayed (default 3).
pauseOnHover {Boolean} Pause timeout on hover.
timeout {Number} {Boolean} Accept a duration in ms or false (default 3000).
content {String} Text to be displayed in toast.
notificationId {Number} {String} ID of toast notification.
type {NotificationType} Default value - 'default'.
onOpen {(payload: T) => void} Method called when the toast is opened.
onClose {(payload: T) => void} Method called when the toast closes.
payload {String}{Record} Any string or object data used as an argument to the onOpen and onClose method.
updateId {String} {Number} ID of updated toast notification, used during an update.

useNotifications Composable


Property Description
notifications {ComputedRef} An array containing push notification objects received from the backend.
moduleNotifications {ComputedRef} A computed array of notifications that belong to a particular module,
specified when initializing the useNotifications function with the notifyType argument.



Loads the saved notifications history from the backend.

  • Type

    loadFromHistory(take?: number): Promise<void>

  • Parameters

    Property Description
    take (optional) {Number} Number of notifications to load.
  • Returns: Promise<void>


An internal method used in an embedded signalR plugin that adds a received notification to the notifications array.

  • Type

    addNotification(message: PushNotification): void

  • Parameters

    Property Description
    message {PushNotification} Notification message.
  • Returns: void


Marks a particular notification as read.

  • Type

    markAsRead(message: PushNotification): void

  • Parameters

    Property Description
    message {PushNotification} Notification message.
  • Returns: void


Marks all notifications as read.

  • Type

    markAllAsRead(): void

  • Returns: void

VcNotificationTemplate Component

Prop Description
color Icon circle color.
title Title of the notification.
icon Any icon from Font Awesome.