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Last update: June 4, 2024

Skills Required for VC Developers

Virto Commerce Developers design, build, test, and maintain E-commerce solutions, such as Virto Commerce Storefront applications and Virto Commerce Platform modules, partnering with solution architects, administrators, and clients to implement and integrate these solutions as part of the client e-commerce ecosystem.

The following skills are important for working with Virto Commerce:

Common Skills

  • Monitoring, troubleshooting, and optimizing solutions with Visual Studio 2022 (Visual Studio Code)
  • Unit testing
  • Integration testing
  • E2E testing
  • Debugging
  • Rest API Principles and Swagger schema
  • GitFlow
  • Design Patterns (as used by Virto Commerce Platform)
  • SOLID principles (as used by Virto Commerce Platform)

E-Commerce Common Skills

  • E-Commerce principles, UX/UI and best practices
  • Catalog browsing process
  • Checkout flow
  • SEO principles (, JSON-LD)

Virto Commerce Developers Skills

Virto Commerce developer skills include:

Backend Developer Skills

Microsoft .NET 8


  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • PostgreSql
  • MySql


At least one database provider is required. Microsoft SQL Server is preferred.

Search Engines

  • Lucene
  • Elasticsearch (Elastic Cloud)
  • Azure Search
  • Open Search
  • Elastic App Search
  • Algolia


At least one search provider is required. Elastic App Search is preferred. Lucene is used for local development only.

Azure Developer

Virto Commerce Developer

  • Virto Commerce Architecture Principles, Data Flow and Lifecycle
  • Virto Commerce Style Guides
  • Create custom modules
  • Create extension modules
  • Background processing (Hangfire)
  • Role-based security
  • Settings
  • In-Memory and Distributor Caches
  • Full-Text Search
  • Tax, Shipment, Payment Providers
  • Virto Commerce Admin UI (Angular JS)
  • SignalR Notifications
  • Virto Commerce Events model
  • Liquid templates for email notifications
  • Sonar Qube for Clean Code

Frontend Developer Skills

Mobile Web Specialist

  • Web Fubdamentals
  • Website layout and styling
  • Front-end networking
  • Accessibility
  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Performance optimization and caching
  • Unit Testing (Jest, Karma)
  • E2E Testing
  • Debugging
  • ES2015 concepts and syntax
  • Mobile web forms

Languages & Frameworks

  • Vue3
  • Typescript
  • TailwindCSS
  • Husky + ESLint + Prettier
  • Vite
  • GraphQL

Progressive Web Applications

E-Commerce Tools

Recommend Training & Certifications