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Last update: April 11, 2024


The Cart module represents shopping cart management system. This module doesn't have any UI in VC Manager.

The Cart module:

  • Manages customers' list of items.
  • Calculates order total, including shipping/ handling charges and associated taxes.

Source code

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Key Features

The Cart module offers:

  • Multiple Carts: Users can work with several carts simultaneously.
  • Named Lists: Creation of wishlists for later use in placing orders.
  • Grouping Multiple Carts: Combine details from multiple carts into a final order.
  • Anonymous Carts: Option to submit orders without creating an account.
  • Stock Reservation: Products added to the cart are reserved in stock for checkout.
  • Multiple Payment Methods: Flexibility to choose from various payment methods.
  • Create Cart from Order History: Convenient reordering from previous purchase history.
  • Soft Delete: Marking shopping carts as deleted without permanent removal.

The diagram below illustrates the Cart module functionality:

Key entities