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Last update: March 14, 2024


The Contacts module allows you to manage various profiles within Virto Commerce, which includes companies, vendors, and individual customers.

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Key features

The diagram below illustrates the interconnections among various key entities within the Contacts module:

Contacts module entity chart

The Contacts module features are:

  • Many-to-many company entity hierarchy: Each company entity can contain multiple companies, along with individual users.
  • Link to user accounts: You can link your contact profiles to the account credentials (e.g. email or username) they use to shop in your store.
  • Easy contact management: You can create, link, edit, or remove your contacts with just a few clicks.
  • User groups: You can create groups that include specific users. This can be useful for targeting promotions, offering special prices to specific customers, etc.

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  • Connection to Storefront: You can link all your contacts and their hierarchy to the Storefront application.