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Last update: July 16, 2024


Clicking on the Pages widget opens the list of the all pages your Storefront consists of.

From the Pages list, you can:

  • Add new pages.
  • Upload new pages.
  • Delete pages.
  • Organize your pages into folders.
  • Search pages by keyword. You can even search for pages containing images by their alternative text.

Click on the three dots to left of the page name to:

  • Download it.
  • Copy its link.
  • Delete it.

pages list

Create page

To create new pages:

  • Use the upload feature (see image above).
  • Use markdown or html by clicking Html Page in the blade below.


    If you have the Page Builder module installed, you can build pages from individual blocks by clicking Design Page in the blade below.

designer or html

Code-based creation

To create a new page using markdown or html, fill in the following fields in the Markdown tab:



To manage page settings, switch to the Metadata tab. Click Manage Metadata properties to edit, add, or delete the settings.


metadata tab

Edit pages with .page and .page-draft extensions


This is an option for Page Builder users only.

In the Pages list blade, select the desired page and edit the following fields:

Edit page

Edit pages with .md extension

In the Pages list blade, select the desired page and edit it as markdown or html:

edit md page

Click Save in the toolbar to save the changes.