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Last update: January 30, 2024

Manage contract prices

Managing contract prices includes:

Add default price list to contract

The newly created contract is not assigned a price list by default.

To add a price list to the contract:

  1. Select the contract in the Contracts blade.

  2. In the next blade, click the Price widget to open the Contract prices blade.

  3. In the next blade, click Link pricelist.

    Link a price list

  4. In the next Available pricelists blade, check the price list you want to use as the default.

  5. Click Confirm in the toolbar.

    Adding price list

The appropriate prices will be displayed in the Contract prices blade.

Update contract prices

To update the prices after adding a default price list:

  1. In the Contract prices blade, click the product to open the edit price blade.

  2. Enter new prices to the List price or Sale price fields.

  3. Click Save to save the changes.

    Modify prices

To create a new price to be used when the price differs based on a different minimum quantity:

  1. Click Add in the toolbar.

  2. Fill in the required fields.

  3. Click Save.

Add new price

The prices will now be marked as Updated and New, while the product you changed the prices for will get marked as Modified:

Updated prices


Any changes you make to the prices in your contract will not affect the default price list. These changes only overlap the default prices in that specific contract. This means that a single default price list can be used for multiple contracts, and these contracts will not affect each other.

At the same time, if you modify the price list using the Pricing module, the changes will automatically be applied to all contracts that have it as the default price list.

What happens in the backend

When you update contract prices, a new price list is created to keep these changes. This price list is accessible in the Pricing module as Contract-YourContractName-DefaultPriceListName (Contract-b2b test organization-MFDUSD in the picture below):

Price list for modified contract prices


The YourContractName part of the price list name is the name you originally gave to your contract.

If you named your contract My contract and then renamed it to My contract (new), the price list name will still have My contract.


Each contract has only one related price list with changes. This means that all updates made at any time are stored in a single price list.

To make the default price and the contract price updates applicable for the customer the contract refers to, two new price list assignments are created:

  • The one with the suffix -Base refers to the default price list.
  • The one with the suffix -Priority is the price list with updated prices:

Price list assignments for modified contract prices


The assignment having the -Priority suffix logically has a higher priority, and its prices overlap the default prices.

Restore default prices in the contract

To restore the initial price:

  1. In the Contract prices blade, click the product to open its edit price blade.

  2. Check the price line you need to restore.

  3. Click Restore in the top toolbar.

    Restoring prices

  4. Confirm your action.

This works both at the product and price level. After you restore the prices, the New label that marked them will disappear.