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Last update: July 5, 2024

Use is an intuitive solution that allows anyone on your team to manage Frontend Application pages without having to rely on developers. As long as Virto Frontend Application has native integration with, you can start using it right away:

  1. Open Platform.
  2. Click Dots to open applications menu.
  3. Click The dashboard opens in a new window.
  4. If required, select a space from the list.
  5. Click New entry to create a new page.
  6. The newly created page already contains a header and a footer that maintain the UI and design of the Virto Frontend Application:

    Header and footer

    The left sidebar contains custom components. If necessary, users can add their own custom components or edit the existing ones:

    Custom components

Readmore user guide

Copy Components from Figma

Thanks to the Figma plugin, any user can copy components designed in Figma and paste them into a page edited in

  1. Run plugin in Figma.
  2. Click on the component you want to copy to your edited page.
  3. Open the plugin.
  4. Click Copy to Builder.
  5. Open the page you are editing in
  6. Press Ctrl+V on the page where you want to paste the copied component.

    Copy and paste

The selected component has been pasted to your edited page.