Last update: January 30, 2024

Getting started

Virto Storefront and Vue B2B Theme has native integration with Hotjar module.

To start using Hotjar:

  1. Create and сonfigure Hotjar Account.
  2. Save your site Id.


  3. Open the Platform and go to Stores to select the required store.

  4. In the new blade, select the Settings widget.
  5. Enable Hotjar option and enter your Store Id.

    Hotjar switch

  6. Click OK, than click Save to activate Hotjar tracking.

The module adds Hotjar link into Applications menu. It redirects to Hotjar Dashboard.

Apps menu


To request Hotjar configuration for store, you can use Rest API.

  • Endpoint: /api/hotjar/{storeId}

  • Method: GET

  • Request parameter: Store Id

  • Response:

"enableTracking": true,
"siteId": "2235345",
"hotjarVersion": 6