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Last update: January 30, 2024

Publish conditions

The Virto's Marketing module allows you to customize the publishing conditions for your marketing content. With a variety of expressions and operators, you can tailor your content behavior to virtually any situation in your promotions and marketing campaigns.

publish conditions

The following conditions can be configured:

Condition Description Options
Location Defines the location of your website visitors. Time zone
Zip/ postal code
State/ province
Browse behaviour Defines the shopper's behavior. Shopper searched for ... in the store
User language is set to
Shopper profile Targets the shoppers according to their profile information. Shopper age is...
Shopper gender is...
User group contains...
Catalog Specifies products or categories the content will apply to. Specific category
Specific product

The content can be displayed if any or all conditions are true.

The customization options are limitless and can be useful for a variety of promotions and campaigns.


The conditions below are configured to display content only to:

  • Male customers.
  • Older than 18.
  • Residing in Ohio.
  • Who searched for anything containing phone in the Cell phones category.

Condition configuration example