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Last update: January 30, 2024

How to enable special prices for specific users

In this example, we will configure Virto Platform to display a discounted price for loyal customers. Let's assume you have an item you want to sell at a discounted price to your loyal customers as a reward for their loyalty.

By default, the items we would like to sell to loyal customers with a discount (printers in our example) have the same price for everyone who visits the store:

Regular prices

To enable the special prices:

  1. Create a user group.
  2. Add all required contacts to this group. You can easily create as many contacts as you need. In our example, we created a group called VIP and assigned various contacts to it, including Alex Starberg, who will be our loyal customer in the example:

    Adding contact to user group

  3. Create a new price list. In this example, we create the Loyal customers only price list.

  4. Provide special prices for the products in question. In our example, we want to offer printers at $50 per item:

    Adding prices

  5. Create a dedicated price list assignment and attach the price list you have just created:

  6. In the User group contains... menu, type VIP to assign the created price list to the user group that contains VIP.

  7. Click Create to save the changes.


Now, if anyone who is not included into the VIP group visits our store, they will see the regular price for the item in question, as shown above. However, once Alex Starberg, our loyal customer, logs into the store, he will get his discount:

Prices for targeted user

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