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Last update: January 30, 2024

Roles and permissions

Proper assignment of roles and permissions ensures that employees have the appropriate access levels to complete their tasks. This article describes assigning roles and permissions to help maintain security and productivity within your organization.

Creating roles

To create a role:

  1. Open the platform and go to Security -> Roles -> Add.
  2. Enter the role's name and description.
  3. Assign the required permissions. Select permissions from at least following sections: Platform, Customer, and Task management.

    Permission Description
    platform:asset:access Seeing Assets in the main menu.
    platform:asset:delete Deleting platform assets.
    platform:asset:update Changing platform assets.
    platform:asset:create Uploading new platform assets.
    platform:asset:read Downloading platform assets.
    customer:read View available users to assign task to.
    task:access Accessing tasks.
    task:create Creating tasks.
    task:read Reading tasks.
    task:update Updating tasks.
    task:delete Deleting tasks.
    task:finish Finishing tasks.
    task:attachment:management Managing attachments to tasks.
  4. Click Create to save changes.

Defining scopes of the roles

To define the scope of the role:

  1. Open the platform and go to Security -> Roles.
  2. Select the required role.
  3. Select the permissions marked with Assigned scopes: 0.
  4. Select a task permission scope to allow a user to assign tasks:

    • To anyone in the organization.
    • To themselves only.
    • Click OK to save changes.
    • Click Save in the Roles blade to save changes.

Assigning roles

To assign a created role to a user:

  1. Go to Stores and choose a user.
  2. In the new blade, click the Accounts widget.
  3. Select the user's account.
  4. In the new blade, select the Roles widget.
  5. In the new blade, click Assign.
  6. In the new blade, tick the roles to assign and click OK.
  7. Click Save in the User information blade to save the changes.