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Last update: May 10, 2024


The White Labeling module enables organizations to enhance the enterprise user experience by customizing branding elements such as logos, favicons, colors, and footer links based on the logged-in organization context. This module ensures that users from different organizations see personalized branding elements after signing in, improving overall UX and brand consistency.

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Key Features

  • Branding Configuration: Display organization-specific logos, favicons, colors, and footer links post-login.
  • White labeling: Resolve branding based on the organization context after user authentication.
  • Integration with Virto Frontend: Seamlessly integrate customized branding elements into Virto Commerce Storefront.
  • Custom Domain: Assign a custom domain with the organization to allow branding activation on the first visit.
  • Automated Favicon Generation: The module uses Virto Commerce Image Tools module for favicon generation.

The diagram below illustrates the functionality of the White Labeling module:

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