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Last update: May 23, 2024

Google Analytics Events

Google Analytics is used in the Virto Commerce Storefront to track user interactions and provide insights into user behavior. To make it easier for marketers, we have added several events that can be tracked by Google Analytics. This section details these events and how to implement them. You can track the results of these events in Google Tag Manager.

Tracked Sales Funnel Events

After the buyer proceeds to checkout, the following events are tracked in the specified order.

GA event Trigger Checkout step
begin_checkout The buyer clicks Proceed to checkout.
add_shipping_info The buyer clicks Proceed to billing after specifying the shipping address and delivery method. Shipping.
add_payment_info The buyer clicks Review order after specifying the billing address and the payment method. Billing.
place_order The buyer clicks Place order after reviewing the order. Order review.
purchase The buyer clicks Pay now after selecting the payment method. Payment (unless manual payment was select at the previous step).


For a single-step checkout, only begin-chekout and place_order are tracked. Other events can be added at the client's request.

Other Tracked Events

Other added event to be tracked by Google Analytics are as follows:

GA event Trigger
search A search query is performed.
view_item_list A list of items is viewed.
select_item An item is selected from a list of items.
view_item A specific item is viewed.
add_to_wishlist An item is added to the wishlist.
add_to_cart An item is added to the shopping cart.
remove_from_cart An item is removed from the shopping cart.
view_cart A cart is viewed.
clear_cart All items are removed from the shopping cart.