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Last update: June 7, 2024

Quote request

To request personalized pricing or align bulk orders with negotiated agreements, users can create quote requests:

  • From the cart page.
  • From the Quote requests section by clicking Request quote in the top right corner:

    Create quote request

The Quote request section lists all the quote requests created by the user:

Quote requests

Click on the desired quote request from the list to view its details, including:

  • The list of requested products.
  • Product properties, price per item, and requested quantities.
  • Shipping and billing addresses.
  • Date of quote creation.
  • Comments you have provided with a quote.
  • Files you have attached to a quote.

You can also decline or approve the quote proposal sent to you.

Quote details

Click on a draft quote request to:

  • Add remarks.
  • Drag and drop files or browse additional files. The progress bar indicates when the upload is complete.

    Progress bar


    SCV, DOCX, JPG, PDF, PNG, TXT, XLSX formats are admissible. Each file should not exceed 10MB. Maximum 5 files are allowed.

  • Review the products list: edit quantities or delete items.

  • Select shipping and billing addresses from the list or create new ones.
  • Save changes for further editing.
  • Submit the quote to the vendor.

Edit draft quote