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Last update: January 30, 2024

Homepage layout

The homepage can be visually divided into 3 parts:


Top menu

From the top menu, you can:

  • Access your account profile.
  • Select language and currency to display prices in.
  • Search for products by their name or SKU, and more.

top menu

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Catalogs, subcatalogs, facets

From the left side menu, you can:

  • Quickly navigate to the required subcatalog.
  • Narrow down the number of items displayed by specifying the required product characteristics in the facets.

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Catalog items details

In this area, you can:

  • Switch between grid view and list view of the catalog items.
  • Check the availability of the products in the selected branches.
  • Sort products by price or name.
  • View product details, etc.

Catalog items details

Each product card displays:

  • Product name and its basic characteristics.
  • Its quantity in stock.
  • Discounts applied, etc.

product card

Mobile version

In the Storefront mobile version, the core principles and functionality remain consistent with the desktop version. Users may notice differences in the layout on their mobile devices, tailored to enhance usability and navigation on smaller screens.


Mobile homepage