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Last update: January 30, 2024


Checkout is the final stage of the online shopping process where customers provide payment and shipping information, review their order, and confirm the purchase.

To complete your order:

  1. Click Cart in the top menu to open the cart details:


    Here you can:

    • View the items you have ordered grouped by user.
    • Change the quantity of items ordered.
    • Delete items in bulk or individually.
    • Clear the cart.
    • Proceed to checkout.

    Cart details

  2. Click Proceed to checkout.


    The checkout process for carts containing only digital products does not include the Shipping step since digital products do not require shipping.

  3. Specify shipping details:

    • Select a shipping address from the list or add a new one.
    • Select a delivery method from a drop-down list: Ground or Air. The shipping cost appears in the order summary.
    • Enter your comments, if any.

    Shipping step

  4. Click Proceed to billing to proceed to the next step.

  5. Specify payment details:

    • Select a shipping address from the list, add new one, or check Same as shipping address.
    • Select a payment method from the drop-down list. Selecting payment by bank card adds the Payment step to the checkout process. It does not appear if you choose to pay manually. Manual payment allows you to pay for the order later.

    Billing step

  6. Click Review order to review your order details. You can not edit your information here, but you can always return to any of the previous steps by clicking them in the navigation path menu.


    This step allows you to print your order.

  7. Click Place order. You will see a notification that your order has been successfully placed:


You can view your orders at Account -> Orders.

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